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The Transnordic 59 skis are well-performing backcountry skis for beginners and intermediate riders. Choose a ski length approximately 5-25 cm higher than your height. We also recommend that you choose skis where your weight is in the middle of the weight range. - The tail is reinforced in order to ensure durability - Air Tec Steel Edge with air channels in a lightweight wood core especially designed for steel edge skis reinforced with fiberglas for optimal strength and pressure distribution - Sintec is a versatile base finish for good performance in a variety of snow conditions and temperatures - Easy Skin Exchange lets you swap out your skins in seconds without tools to adapt to any type of condition and terrain - Steel Edge along the entire length of the ski gives you great control and grip for a secure skiing performance on hard and icy tracks - Easy Skin technology allows you to click-n-stick a climbing skin to your skis to regain a reliable grip - Nordic Rocker Camber with more open ski tips for improved gliding and turning
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