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10 Spot Enduro Series

Morning Mountain 6pm $10 per night

A super fun Nelson Cycling Club fundraiser! Come on out for some timed descending action once a month until the Finals at the 420th Nelson Fat Tire Festival. Points will be accumulated throughout the season with an overall champ declared at the Fat Tire Festival in September. These events are a show up for some riding and expect no prizes or refreshments. It's a BYOE kinda event (Bring your Own Everything).

May 2nd

June 20th

July 25th

August 22nd

September 22nd Finals at the Fat Tire Festival

Overall results will be calculated from the best 3 results of the in season races with the finals at the Fat Tire Festival being awarded 1.5 x points

Men's Results Round 1 May 2nd

Brennan Zorn5.521
Jakob Salix5.542
Levi Korocil5.593
Levon Schmidt6.024
Seb Lutz6.155
Stephan Ferguson6.166
Harry Tudor6.237
Fred Grillet6.248
Matt Swallow6.349
Malcolm Herbert6.4110
Griffen Lambert6.4711
Dave Wadell6.5212
Mike Hood6.5413
Florian Geier714
Rafael Cyr7.0515
Richard Neary7.0816
Che 7.0817
Luke Chipman7.0818
William Orr7.2319
Mark Crowe7.5620
Cliff Howrd7.5721
Rick Garner8.122
Women's Results Round 1 May 2nd
Briar Prestidge7.461
Katlyn Kasperowicz9.482
Tineke Reese10.313
Claire Wensveen12.54
Jr. Boys Results Round 1 May 2nd
Trace Crowe7.551
Jr. Overall After Round 1
1Trace Crowe250

Women's Overall After Round 1
1Briar Prestidge250
2Katlyn Kasperowicz210
3Tineke Reese180
4Claire Wensveen160

Men's Overall After Round 1
1Brennan Zorn250
2Jakob Salix210
3Levi Korocil180
4Levon Schmidt160
5Seb Lutz140
6Stephan Ferguson125
7Harry Tudor110
8Fred Grillet95
9Matt Swallow80
10Malcolm Herbert70
11Griffen Lambert65
12Dave Wadell60
13Mike Hood55
14Florian Geier50
15Rafael Cyr45
16Richard Neary40
17Che 35
18Luke Chipman30
19William Orr25
20Mark Crowe20
21Cliff Howrd15
22Rick Garner10