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Your ski boots can drastically effect your comfort, technique, and enjoyment when skiing. A proper fitting boot is the best investment you can make. Your boots transfer your weight and strength to the edges of you skis and allow you to ski with control and confidence, no matter the terrain.Gericks' staff are certified Master Fit bootfitters and have the expertise to fit you into a boot that will match your ability, strength, and budget. Our line of boots offer a number of fit options and boot styles to ensure you get the proper fit.


The best boots are the ones that fit your foot properly and match your skiing ability. The fit of your boot will affect your performance, comfort and safety so it is important to consult with custom boot fitting experts like Gericks' staff to make sure that you are getting the right ones.

When purchasing a boot, the way a boot fits is much more important than who manufactured it. Each manufacturer has at least one or more unique last and therefore each brand has a different fit. This is why Gericks has a huge variety of different lasts in stock to ensure that we have a boot to fit every foot and skier skill level. We know how each last fits and work with you to first find the right manufacturer and then ensure a custom fit.


Generally, your boot should fit firmly, but should still be comfortable. Your toes should be at the end of your boot when knees are straight. When flexing forward, your toes should come off the front of your boot and your heel should be snug in the heel pocket.

You can generally choose between three sizes:

  • Novice skiers and those who lean on the back of their boots require the biggest size so that thier toes do not hit the front of the boots.
  • Aspiring intermediates and developing carvers require a firmer fit that matches the width and length of the foot more accurately.
  • Advanced and expert skiers use a tight shell size to provide performance on the most demanding terrain.

*Touring boots are also fitted to provide enough room in the toes for warmth and comfort while walking, depending on the amount of time being spent in the boots per day.


The starting point is always a custom footbed. Start with a solid foundation and work up. Many benefits come along with custom footbeds; Performance, comfort, warmth and less wear and tear on the joints. We keep Conform’able molded insoles in every size and width in stock at all times. Remember it usually takes an hour for the footbeds to be manufactured on site, but that you can leave with them in your boots to test the next time out skiing.