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Ross ”Rosco” McNamara

The one continuous face since 1993, Ross is the one responsible for this motley crew. He has worn every possible hat in a bike shop since 1983. His passion for cycling has never waned, and to this day he spends equal time road and mountain riding and in the winter he loves to xc ski.  You might even find him in one of the local coffee shops with his riding buddies. Come say hi at “beer thirty”, on a Friday or Saturday, you’ll likely find him in the back. And yes he still works almost every day except Sunday…

Charles Arnold

Position: Manager / Problem Solver
Number of years employed: Forever

Charles is another mainstay of the Gericks Crew. He is plied his trade at Gericks since the 50’s (Ok since 2000, it just seems like he’s been here that long). After many years of racing/ riding bikes and skiing he has learned one thing, he loves to ride and ski. Nowadays he is just as likely skiing with his little girls or teaching Nordic skiing as he is shredding trails and ski slopes. His brown locks are fading a little salt a pepper these days, but don’t let that fool you, the guy huckin right in front of (or over) you is likely the adrenalin infused Charles B(braap) Arnold.

Mark Weigeldt

Position: Service Manager, Mechanic, Ski Tech
Number of years employed: 15+

Mark loves to Nordic ski, alpine ski, mountain and road ride while spending quality time with his young family. Come spring he runs the group road rides every Saturday from the shop with his “No Drop” all- inclusive policy. When you walk in through our service door, Mark is likely the first person you will meet. He learned to fix bikes and skis at an early age from his dad who was also a bike mechanic. His father seemed to instill a wisdom beyond his years as his calm demeanor is perfectly suited to rescuing even the most frustrated gear users with clear solutions to fix their technical issues. Whether its ski boot fitting, bike repair, ski tuning, or just a relaxed conversation, Mark is your guy.

Matt Canale

Position: Sales, Fitting
Number of years employed: 3+

Iain McKay

Position: Sales, Fitting
Number of years employed: 1+

Ryan Lock

Position: Sales, Fitting
Number of years employed: 6+

Ski expert, boot fitter, bike fitter, bike and ski sales consultant. Ryan is one of those guys that when he was ten he could be found checking out our shop for the coolest gear. Raised in Nelson and groomed to bike and ski in Kootenay terrain, bearded and tattoed right up, he knows gravel.

Jiri Kubik

Position: Mechanic, Ski Tech, Service Writer
Number of years employed: 1+

Coda Punchard

Position: Ski Tech, Sales
Number of years employed: 4+

Ski racer. BMX racer. DH rider. He does it all.

Eric Car

Position: Shipping/Receiving
Number of years employed: 1+