Group  Mountain Rides start April 16th


Let's go pedal! We will be riding at an intermediate Nelson level and exploring all the trails our area has to offer. Hitting up a new trail network each week with the emphasis on fun, not gnarl. It's a great way how to get a guided trail ride from our local experts and meet new people! Give the shop a call at 250-354-4622.

Group Road Rides start April 13th


The Saturday Social is our weekly inclusive group road ride. The concept of this ride is to roll together safely and explore new routes socially. Rides are typically 2-3 hours long and cover 40km to 60km, depending on the route and group. If you are not sure you're ready for the ride, give us a call. Being comfortable riding in a group makes everyelse feel comfortable.

Rides leave from Gericks at 9am every Saturday morning. As these are no drop rides there will always be a group leader that will ensure no one is left behind and everyone arrives safely.