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Our bike mechanics will take the time with you and your bike for an on the spot free assessment. During this time we will talk to you about your concerns and address any questions you may have about what your bike needs to run optimally. Once you drop your bike off you will leave with an accurate estimate and date that the work will be completed. Upon pick up, we will go through what was found during the bike service and answer any questions you have.

Walk-ins welcome for minor service, appointments preferred for larger repairs.

During most of the bike season we are often booked for complete tunes for a number of days. If you need your bike done on a certain day please call ahead to book an appointment or fill out the form below. Unfortunately, we can’t adequately assess your bike over the phone or online so once you’ve brought your bike into the shop we can provide an accurate estimate and completion date.



Quickly adjusts brakes, gears and ensures bike is safe. For bikes that have been lightly used and ridden casually.



Thorough inspection and adjustment of entire bike. For bikes that get ridden regularly on Kootenay roads and trails.



A must once a year service. Take care of your bike by doing some essential preventative maintenance. For serious riders that have lots of hours or kilometers on their mountain or road bikes.



If your bike has funny creaks, squeeks or you just want to squeeze another year or 3 out of your trusty old steed this will make your well ridden bike ride like new.

extra labour may apply for installation of additional parts and accessories

muddy or extra dirty bikes will be subject to an additional $10 dirt charge

all prices don't include any parts