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Instinct Killer Ski Co. Transcend

Instinct Killer Ski Co. Transcend
  • Color: Duane Murrin
  • Color: Valerie Black
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Rossland and Red Mountain are definitely blessed with some of the hardest charging female shredders on the planet; this is documented. When we set out to make a ski specifically for them, we found in testing that while the most common size in men’s all-mountain/powder skis was in the 185 range, for women it was closer to 170-ish. Starting from there, we developed a design and construction that has been optimized for a lighter, shorter rider who rips. The Transcend embodies the soul and the tech of the Seeker in a ski for the small(er) but mighty! It should be noted that these are generalizations some women prefer the longer stiffer Seeker platform. Our sales also tell us that some men who prefer a slightly softer ski greatly enjoy the Transcend. The 176 transcend out sold the 176 Seeker at a rate of 10:1 for men.

The Tech:
Carbon is an excellent reinforcement and Transcend has 4 layers of it. IM7 unidirectional and Double Bias weaves make up the four layers of carbon in this ski. The carbon combines with a full kevlar laminate underfoot and a high end fiberglass called S2 glass. Our 7 layer construction with opposing weaves and composites creates a quiet at speed, playful and super strong platform that dwarfs the industry standard of 2 layers. Of course only the fastest carbon-impregnated base material is used, stone ground to perfection. Transcend also uses a resin-infused honeycomb tip and several layers of VDS rubber to control damping and durability.

To top it all off, and to make our product highly durable, in the sandwich of the cap construction we are using carbon nanotube resin. With billions of carbon nanotubes in the matrix, our edges and cap are tougher than anything out there. Tested this past season and stock on all 2020 skis, additional IM7 uni carbon layers have been added on the tip and tail. In addition, a basalt/innegra layer, one of the toughest fabrics on the planet for impact has been added underfoot to fend off those pesky rocks.

The Core:
The core is the soul of the ski and the Transcend has a special one. Borrowing techniques often employed in bow manufacturing, we bring together many thin layers of grain-optimized Aspen. These are laminated tightly under the binding screws and run the full length of the ski, tip to tail. Then, high quality quarter-sawn Sitka Spruce, that could easily have gone into a guitar, is inserted to lighten the core and smooth out the ride. On top of all that, a piece of quarter-sawn White Oak is top-laminated for binding retention and power transfer to the edges.

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Recommended Use All Mountain / Powder
Ski Type Directional
Tip Width 129 (159 length) / 133 (165 length) / 137 (171 length) / 141 (176 length)
Waist Width 98 (159 length) / 101 (165 length) / 108 (171 length) / 111 (176 length)
Tail Width 117 (159 length) / 121 (165 length) / 125 (171 length) / 129 (176 length)
Profile Camber Underfoot / Full Tip Rocker
Construction 7-Layer Construction w/ Hi-tech Laminates (Incuding Carbon, Kevlar, S-Glass)

* Subject to change without notice.