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Instinct Killer Ski Co. Original Sender
Building on the success of the Manley our 193cm double rockered ski, the Original Sender is a slightly smaller version available only in 186cm. It is a go fast, slash, spin and charge into anything for those who love to butter it up. We think the Slash Family should be the most durable of the lot and we expect to see them take abuse. That is why we have built them with 3 different ballistic fibers running full length above the base: Basalt/Kevlar/Spectra. Carbon can’t be overlooked for its power transfer either so there is some under the core too and it makes up the primary laminates for the top cap combined with a thin layer of S2 Glass to dampen the ride. Do what Olaus does...Send! Visit Instinct's website for more info:
Instinct Killer Ski Co. Seeker
$1,299.00 - $1,399.00
2x POWDER Magazine Skier's Choice Winner! (2019 & 2020) Designed as a lightweight backcountry ripper, the Seeker became so much more. For the 2020 season the Seeker evolves into an even tougher ski! At 1720 grams (weight based on the 183cm size) the Seeker is respectably light. This we found to be the the ideal weight, light enough for any expedition or traverse but with enough heft to plow through any crud one might encounter at the ski hill. This ski for many of us became the daily driver. A ski with 112mm underfoot seemed large for an everyday ski, but its outstanding torsional rigidity and rocker sidecut profile makes it carve trenches on the hardpack and bust through crud like few skis before it. Of course, skiing the Seeker in powder will make you smile wide. The Tech: Carbon is an excellent reinforcement and the Seeker has 4 layers of it. We are using Triaxial, Double bias, Biaxial and the highest strength IM7 unidirectional weaves in this ski. The carbon combines with a full kevlar laminate underfoot and a high end fiberglass called S2 glass. Our 7 layer construction with opposing weaves and composites creates a quiet at speed, playful and super strong platform that dwarfs the industry standard of 2 layers. Of course only the fastest carbon-impregnated base material is used, stone ground to perfection. The Seeker also uses a resin-infused honeycomb tip and several layers of VDS rubber to control damping and enhance durability. To top it all off and to make our product highly durable, in the sandwich of the cap construction we are using carbon nanotube resin. With billions of carbon nanotubes in the matrix our edges and cap are tougher than anything out there. Tested this past season and stock on all 2020 skis, additional IM7 uni carbon layers have been added on the tip and tail. In addition, a basalt/innegra layer, one of the toughest fabrics on the planet for impact has been added underfoot to fend off those pesky rocks. The Core: The core is the soul of the ski and the Seeker has a special one. Borrowing techniques often employed in bow manufacturing, we bring together many thin layers of grain-optimized Aspen. These are laminated tightly under the binding screws and run the full length of the ski, tip to tail. Then, high quality quarter-sawn Sitka Spruce, that could easily have gone into a guitar, is inserted to lighten the core and smooth out the ride. On top of all that, a piece of quarter-sawn White Oak is top-laminated for binding retention and power transfer to the edges. Visit Instinct's website for more info:
K2 Reckoner 102
$525.00 - $700.00 $700.00 Up to 25% Off
From the pow to the park and everywhere in between, the Reckoner 102 delivers thanks to its heavy freestyle influence. Featuring the same tech as its bigger brothers but with a more nimble waist width, this playful twin-tip is at home whipping cork threes off cat tracks, pivoting through tight east coast trees, or hunting for side hits on the groomers. Wherever you decide to take it, the Reckoner 102 has got your back.
K2 Mindbender 99 Ti
$560.00 $700.00 20% Off
We’re not suggesting you only need one pair of skis, but if you did, the Mindbender 99Ti is that ski. Quick, agile, powerful, and stable, the feeling you get from this ski is difficult to put into words. This ski simply rules. - Torsion Control Design - Ti Y-Beam - PowerWall
Salomon QST 118
$679.00 $849.00 20% Off
QST 118 is the widest ski in the range, with full twin rocker to help you float in the deepest powder. You can also charge with confidence with the C/FX 3 layer, a unique reinforcement that delivers all the power of metal at a fraction of the weight. Power and stability in powder and mixed snow - A new C/FX 3 reinforcement layer integrates carbon and flax in longitudinal and transversal directions to increase the torsional strength. C/FX 3 delivers power and stability like metal, at a fraction of the weight. Energy and response - 360° Full sandwich, ABS sidewall construction delivers increased ski-to-snow contact, added strength and great terrain adaptation. Great terrain adaptation - Spaceframe is made out of an Inverted 3D Woodcore inserted with Carbon Flax and Power Transfer Platform. It provides superior ski-to-snow contact off piste and on piste, guaranteeing underfoot performance for hard pack carving.
Salomon QST 118
Charge in powder with Twin Rocker agility enabling more drift and float in the deepest powder. For freeride Excel in all playgrounds
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