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Destination Fee

Where are we going? Mexico? Nakusp? No, but seriously the price and the world we live in these days are changing dramatically hour by hour and day by day. The Destination fee that you are seeing on your new bike is added so that your bike lands safely in your hands or under your butt. The price of gas is astronomical, have you ever heard of freight insurance or environmental fees? These are some of the things that we have been getting charged and so we can continue to pay our employees a living wage we will need to all be in this together.


What is a PDI? And are all PDIs the same?

I know this is a really burning question out there, so I'm going to answer it.

What? You never asked that question? 

A PDI stands for pre delivery inspection, and it's what any decent bike shop will perform on your new bike before you take it out of the shop. 

But, exactly what a shop includes in its PDI is up to the shop to decide. 

We operate in a competitive market, and we feel our PDI process sets us aside and helps us stand out. When a Gerick Cycle mechanic prepares your new bike, we are going to great lengths to ensure your bike has the best possible start in life, and we take this approach for all bikes we sell, not just the very high-end models.

You are benefiting from 20+ years of excellent workshop reputation and mechanics who take the quality of their work seriously and personally.

It takes longer to do this, and some of the work is 'hidden', preventative measures, but in the long run it pays off in terms of your enjoyment and trouble-free cycling.

Another reason to choose Gerick Cycle Nelson when buying your next bike.