A Message from Gerick Cycle & Ski to all our Valued Customers 

It’s a time of stress for so many people, and by communicating with you we hope to alleviate some potential fears. Many in the public have justifiable health concerns and we as a shop are doing what we can to mitigate those concerns with respect to shopping at Gericks. Hopefully in a short time we will be able to go back to our normal way of doing business, but for the time being you will notice certain changes at our shop.

· Social distance will be practiced moving forward so please respect this, by now everyone will have been inundated with what this means so I won’t delve further.
· We have implemented a systematic disinfecting regime to wiping down hard surfaces, including bikes, counters, keyboards, keypads, any place where there may be interface.
· We have educated our staff with best practices and preventive measure’s, you may notice rubber gloves on both sales and service staff.
· We ask that anyone entering Gericks engage in good public health practices such as frequent hand washing and please if you are showing symptoms of illness refrain from entering the store.
· We are following the advice of the BC Health and CDC and will take further action where and when appropriate. Gericks has modified hours for the duration of March
· Monday –Saturday we are open 9am-5:30pm
· Sundays we will be closed. We are implementing new policies regarding delivery.